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02:39:19 AM
hi wayne, dwayne here,how did you make this site wayne and by what ect wordpress
07:30:47 PM
Hi Wayne We are now seeking donated 10 year old or less obsolete laptop or notebook computers. For our Social Technology Restoration Project. (with corresponding power/cabling if available) This Community Project is in conjunction with 's Life-Long-Learning and Local Seniors also collaborating with The Perth Lion's Computer Group. Any of these components can be from Business or private donors. Will be totally cleaned properly of any data and setup to be distributed to needy families, local seniors and pensioners in the Perth Area. Rejects donated to Lion’s Computer Restoration Project for their component parts or scrap to protect them from local land fill disposal-Waste Management/Environmental Project Can be collected in the Local area. Computer assistance for Seniors arranged. Social Project Manager and Coordinator- Thanks, BJ
dwayne kerr
10:56:10 PM
Hi wayne,dwayne, how are you today Here are the details you wanted as to bank details Bank: Westpac bsb number 036 134 account number 224 311 By building good relationships, you build good friendships and communities.
Wayne's World
12:31:52 AM
The world is Wayning. Solutions can only be realized when there is wisdom with joy. Love your enemies and the peace will evolve.
Peter Hegarty
10:35:30 PM
Peter, what is presented here is the return on my investment of computer collaboration technology to date, beginning with a 100,000 dlrs in 1986 So there is room to grow.
Wayne's World
07:20:15 AM
The possibilities are to see the elephant in the room, recognize the habit, the archetype in decision making that prevents giving for health, environment, safety and quality that assures reliability. People first so they can all be alert to perceived risks.
Wayning Needlessly
12:11:37 PM
Competition is good. The problem is the bad trait of people that seek winning at all costs. These people seek to win when it matters, when it doesn't and when it actually costs them. The solutions you seek are causing you to suffer needlessly. We need balance in life. We do not need to make excuses for our bad traits and yet need to correct them and not ban competition. To me this is a disgusting attempt to seek to run away from realization of our own human failings. Get real!