Project Name: 

Nombre del Proyecto:

Property Type:

Location of Project:

Tipo de Propiedad

Localización del Proyecto

Construction Loan Amount:

Construction Timeframe:

Monto de Préstamo para Construcción:

Plazo para la Construcción:

Capital Invested:

Cost of Land:

Capital Invertido:

Costo del Terreno

Existing Debt:

Dueda Existente:

Are there any defaulted loans :

Hay algún préstamo en mora?

Company Name:

Nombre de la Compañía:

Company Address:

Dirección de la Compañía:

Company Tel#:

Teléfono de la Compañía:

 Fax #:

Website Address:

Sitio de Internet:

Principal Full Name:

Nombre completo del Director:

Title: (e.g. Mr., Ms., Dr., etc.):

Título: (Sr., Ms., Dr., etc.):

Corporate Position/Title: (CEO, President, Managing Partner, etc.):

Posición Corporativa/Titulo: (CEO, Presidente, Socio Gerente, etc.):

Cell #:

Corporate email:

Número  de Celular:

Correo electrónico corporativo:

Are all permits and/or approvals in place:

Están todos los permisos y/o aprobaciones en orden y listos?

What is the projected time you estimate to begin construction assuming funds were available within 45-60 days?

Are there corporate financials and proformas available? :

Are they Certified? :

Están certificadas?

Does Principle have verifiable Liquidity of 1% (1 percent) of the Loan amount:

Tiene el principal liquidez verificable de 1% (uno por ciento) del monto del préstamo?

Tiene el principal liquidez verificable de 1% (uno por ciento) del monto del préstamo?

Define exit strategy:

Defina la estrategia de salida:

Broker Contact Name:

Nombre del Corredor a contactar:

Tel. #:



Correo Electrónico:

Note: For project consideration send back completed questionnaire and Executive Summary.



Project Funding 25 Million and Up! We do not charge ANY upfront, due diligence or application fees! For project funding of transactions 25 million and upward, please complete the attached questionnaire and send with an executive summary for a preliminary approval. If approved a full submission is to follow. Full approval and funding can occur within 45 to 60 days. All types of projects are considered. Project Financing and Customized Funding Solutions. We are an international lender operating out of, interested in funding projects that make sense in jurisdictions that are politically stable and preferably emerging markets. That being said, every project is considered on its own merit and compensating factors are always considered.